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Room Escape - Neighbor


Room Escape - NeighborThis is an extremely challenging puzzle game.Game Story:----------------------A neighbor of the two sisters came in a fierce brawl in the evening.You put on pajamas, supose to go to persuade, make everyone calm down.Just entered the door, arguing stopped.You looked around the room but no one in it.Suddenly the door was locked by a mysterious man.What happened in the end?You cry, but no one answered.Find a way to escape from this house now!----------------------
Gameplay:- Click on the left or right to move the screen.- Click on suspicious place to find props and use props to unlock the door to the chamber.- Leave this place.
Addictive puzzle game - Escape the neighbor house, are you ready to challenge your brain IQ? Escape these rooms and escape this strange house, this is your mission!Note, do not indulge.Do not forget to use prompts when you can not think of a way!